Friday, June 13, 2008

Inchie Fever - AGAIN!

Yeah, I needed something fun and easy to do while watching mindless kid shows with my own kids. I just made these samples up. You can see the background papers underneath the 3 samples. Click on the pict if you want a larger view. You can see where my hand slipped with the gold paint pen while I was edging one of the inchies.
You can use up whatever background scraps you have or you can use 1" chipboard squares. I just got a bunch from The stamps are from Diva Impressions RS and Art Girlz. You don't need inchie sized stamps. You can use a much larger stamp and just take a section of it. I just used a piece of scrap paper and masked what I did not want to go on the inchie.
I am hosting inchie swaps in the Diva Impression RS and MM Art Friends Yahoo Groups. Hope you can play!
I am off to run errands with my kids. Be well, art friends!

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