Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Assemblages

I took the weekend off from any heavy artwork. I cleaned, hung out, and basically tried to recharged my internal batteries. I was exhausted from going 3-4 weeks non-stop. I watched TV with the kids. We went out and did things. They got to play in the pool. We spent some quality time together. While we were watching TV, I set up some stuff so I could assemble some jewelry. I had gotten some really fun pieces and wanted to put them together.

The third pict is from mostly Tim Holtz stuff that I bought from If you click on any of the picts, you will get a larger view. The Tim bracelet looks great on my wrist. I got the idea from his idea-ology make 'n take necklaces from CHA. I am so groovin' on the piece of leather strap made into loops with some wire wound around it. The little jump rings that I added really makes the look.
Just thought I would share. I still have some of the copper book necklaces for sale on my etsy.

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JeanM said...

Necklaces and bracelets OH MY.
I so have to try these.